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About Bob

Dear visitor,

What a great thing that you stumbled upon my website.
I am happy to have you as a guest at my online portfolio. Enjoy the show!

My name is Bob van Deurzen and I am a professional photographer.
In 2014 I started my own photography company. It was the same year that I started my photography study in Amsterdam at the Fotovakschool.
A school where you come to learn everything about photography and how to make it your job.
During the first two weeks I knew that being a photographer was my purpose in life.
My passion has only grown over the years. Photography has become my love and my life.

Until now I have had many amazing assignments from weddings to portraits.
And from babyshoots to taking pictures at techno parties.
I really like the variation in my work. It keeps helping me become a more experienced photographer.

When it comes to my free work I am mainly focused on taking portraits.

Since 4 years I have started my own photography project called, ‘Pixel’.
The idea behind it is that the whole world is one big picture and everyone on the world is a pixel of that picture.
For this project I am planning to travel to many places in the world. I want to see a lot of the world and meet many amazing people.
At my portrait page you can see a lot of my ‘pixels’.

I hope you have a pleasant day and it would be my pleasure to offer you my photography services!